$50.00 per family per year! Enrollments open all year.
      A FireMed membership provides emergency ambulance service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
   Family Coverage for Just $50 a Year!
   Your FireMed membership covers you and all permanent residents of your household. (See definition on the FireMed Agreement)
   Join one of the oldest and most successful ambulance membership programs in the state.
   Rogue River Fire District is a FireMed participating agency. As an added benefit, by special agreement with other similar programs in Oregon, your membership provides emergency protection throughout much of Oregon!
   To See a Map of Participating Agencies Click Here
   FireMed helps the community
      Your $50.00 stays in the community to provide rapid response and the best equipment and care available. The FireMed program helps provide the latest in emergency equipment and paramedic training to the lifesaving teams of the Rogue River Fire District!
   FireMed means savings!
      Ambulance service is expensive to provide. FireMed protection makes sense when you consider their average costs:
         Advanced Life Support $1,100-$1,400 per transport.
         Most insurance only covers 35-60% of total ambulance fees.
      Even if you have insurance, full ambulance costs are seldom paid. Some bills can be denied entirely.
      Private insurance companies often fail to pay certain fees citing "usual and customary limitations", leaving you with unpaid bills.
      FireMed accepts the insurance payment as payment for services rendered.
      Your $50 fee entitles you to ambulance service as often as needed during the year.
         (For a full explanation and terms of coverage, read the FireMed Agreement).
      You can Email us if you would like a FireMed Application for Membership mailed to you or to download an application Click here.
         (Be sure to include your mailing address in your request.)


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