PURPOSE: Support, Promote and Provide high quality Fire, EMS and Life Safety services to the community we serve.
   FOCUS: Remain the community provider of Fire, EMS transport and Rescue services. Establish stable funding to assure viable response capabilities.
   MISSION: The Rogue River Fire District is a combination career and volunteer organization providing fire protection, emergency medical and other related services that meet the current and future needs of the community.
   MOTTO: "Leave it better than you found it".
   GOAL #1. Provide timely, high quality Fire and EMS response.
      OBJECTIVE: Highly trained full time, part time and volunteer professionals responding to the emergency needs of the community quickly, competently and effectively.
         Task 1. Measure and monitor response times and run numbers.
         Task 2. Provide timely feedback through active participation at after action and case reviews.
         Task 3. Search for ways to increase response capabilities. I.E. call backs, volunteers, students, cadet program, sleepers etc.
         Task 4. Provide training opportunities to increase number of Paramedic level certified responders, maintain and improve skill level of current medics.
         Task 5. Provide career development path for members to further skills and abilities. I.E. Fire Prevention, Chief Officer, Wildland Div/Gp.
   GOAL #2. Provide stable funding mechanism for vehicles and facilities.
      OBJECTIVE: Pass funding of local option levy May, 2014
         Task 1. Develop replacement schedule that realistically shows current and future need.
         Task 2. Provide funding plan for board approval.
         Task 3. Develop marketing plan that effectively demonstrates need to community.
   Goal #3. Provide dependable, modern, Fire and EMS vehicles and equipment.
      OBJECTIVE: Replace aging and unreliable ambulance fleet.
         Task1. Determine number and capabilities of units needed. I.E. 4x4, type I or III, two licensed and one reserve etc.
         Task 2. Utilizing replacement schedule and funding plan develop cost effective specifications for bid process.
         Task 3. Bid process to ensure fair, cost effective purchase.
   GOAL #4. Have Fun.
      OBJECTIVE: Make RRFD the most enjoyable place to work and volunteer.
         Task 1. Always treat each other and those we serve with dignity and respect.
         Task 2. Help each other be successful.
         Task 3. Always be honest and dependable .
         Task 4. Look for opportunities to serve.
         Task 5. Involve Families in Fire District non-emergency activities.



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