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     Applications may be picked up at the Fire District Office or you may follow the link on the bottom of this page. Applications must be as complete as possible. Failure to follow directions could result in rejection of application.


     The application will be reviewed by the Fire Chief. The application may be denied for various reasons such as; criminal history, living distance from the fire station, minimum age, false information, or any other reason deemed necessary by the Fire Chief. Following initial application review an oral interview will be scheduled with the applicant, the fire Chief, Training Officer, and one Volunteer member.


     Upon approval or denial of the application process, the Training Officer will send the applicant a letter stating his or her status. If accepted, the applicant will be scheduled into the next available training course.


     Applicant will be considered a Fire District Volunteer member upon completion of the assigned training course and task performance as outlined by the Fire District. The applicant will receive a pager and any other appropriate equipment for his/her position, and may respond to routine emergency calls.


     Following membership with the Fire District, the applicant may become a member of the Rogue River Volunteer Firefighter's Association.


     After completing the assigned training course, the applicant is required attend all training drills on Tuesday evenings for the purpose of maintaining skills. The applicant will also be expected to spend at least one shift per month with the on-duty crew to increase his/her ability to function as a member of the emergency response team.
     To become a volunteer, print the application and submit it to Rogue River Fire District #1.
     RRFD Volunteer Application (pdf)

Our Volunteers

  • Jonathan Hart: Volunteer Firefighter - EMT
  • Melissa Wills: Volunteer Firefighter - EMT
  • Kasia Palmarini: Volunteer Firefighter - Paramedic
  • Dave Polen: Volunteer Firefighter
  • Jeremy George: Volunteer Firefighter - EMT
  • Kyle Brink: Volunteer Firefighter
  • Serena Turner: Volunteer: Firefighter
  • Rich Clark: Volunteer: Tender Operator - EMT
  • Graham Corns: Volunteer: Tender Operator
  • Terry Dillon: Volunteer: Tender Operator - EMT
  • Colton Sundheim



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