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Friends of the Rogue River Fire District

     The Friends of the Rogue River Fire District was formed after the Medco Mill fire in June of 1992. The group is made up of local individuals, some who have a spouse, relative, or a friend who is a member of the Fire District, and some who are patrons or neighbors of the Fire District. Their purpose is to support the Fire District by responding with meals and water when necessary, and to provide a liaison with the community. 
     The Friends of the Fire District were activated during the East Evans Creek Fire in August of 1992. In the initial phase of the fire, portable dinners were prepared at the fire station for the firefighters. By the next morning, the operation was moved to Rogue River High School, where breakfast was served to the firefighters coming off shift and those going to the fire. The Friends provided the much needed support during those first critical hours before Oregon Department of Forestry set up fire camp at Valley of the Rogue State Park. 
     In addition to the East Evans Creek Fire, the Friends have provided meals and water during the Tin Pan Peak fire in August of 1993, the Zwinkle Hill fire in September of 1993, the Fielder Creek fire in August 1996, and 1997 Floods. During the 2001 Fire Season the Friends were activated several times for small wildland fires. 
     It is not necessary for a major incident to occur for the Friends to be activated. One of the most critical needs of firefighters, in the event of a fire of any size, is drinking water. The Friends have responded to this request in an expedient manner many times since their formation. Meals are provided as requested by the Incident Commander. 
     The Friends have held fund raisers to provide monies for meals and other support. They have welcomed numerous donations from the community. Membership to the Friends of the Rogue River Fire District is open to any individual who is willing to donate their time and energy to support this worthy cause. Business meetings are scheduled and there are no membership dues. Anyone interested in joining Friends may contact the Rogue River Fire District for more information. 
     The Friends are proud to support their "firefighting family" of men and women who have unselfishly committed themselves to the task of helping others in times of an emergency. The Friends feel that this unique group of individuals deserve the return of the support that they so willingly give to their community. 

Friends of the Fire District

  • Teresa Dillon

  • Alison Dunn

  • Jerry Johnson

  • Kathy Lynn

  • Keith Lynn

  • Verenne Northrop

  • Greg Peterson

  • Kim Roseberry

  • Susan Tilley

  • Sue Wilken

  • Lynne Dillon