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   Halloween in Rogue River

   9/11 Firefighter Tribute
   Stair Climb Medford

   29 August 2017
   Precision Hose Training - Joint Drill
   Photo Gallery
   Rogue River Fire District
   Flag made from old Fire Hoses

   The hose flag took two firefighters (Shawn and Andrew) about two months to make.
   Made out of decommissioned hose that was at the station, it is 4 feet by 9 feet and weighs about 350-400 pounds.
   This was something that we wanted to do to be a little more patriotic and show that we care for our country.
   We'd like to say "Thank You" to Main Building Supply (Ace Hardware), they helped us with the paint and supplies that we needed.


   Rogue River Fire District #1
   "Mission Statement"


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