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Oregon Fire District History

  • 1842: Oregon City (Oregon's first settlement) first platted in 1842, may have had the first organized fire service but it is now covered by Clackamas County FD#1

  • 1853: Fire Protection first organized in Portland.

  • 1857: Salem Fire Department began.

  • 1872: Eugene Fire Department began.

  • Prior to 1933, cities were prohibited by law from providing fire protection outside their city limits. The 1933 state legislature enacted laws that allowed the formation of Rural Fire Protection Districts governed by a board of directors.


Jackson County Fire District 1 History

   Need for organized fire protection first recognized in the early 1900.

  • 1912: Two hand drawn hose carts were purchased. One of the original carts (or a replica) is under the RRFD hose tower.

  • 1938: Picture in the RRFD Conference Room of Nat Hart behind the wheel of a renovated 1930's vehicle set up to fight fires. The description says it is the "first motorized vehicle" used by the "Rogue River Volunteer Fire Department".

  • 1947: Local businessmen organize for better fire protection.

  • 1950: Rogue River Fire District established by local vote to provide protection outside the city limits under Chief Dave Gelvin. This made Rogue River the first Rural Fire Protection District in Jackson County.

  • 1952: Purchased Odd Fellows Hall at 111 Broadway for a new fire station. Chief Gelvin was killed in an MVA and Gordon Hatch took over as Chief.

  • 1954: The city of Rogue River formed it's own volunteer fire department.

  • 1963: Evans Valley establishes it's own fire district (Fire District #6).

  • 1964: Chief Doug Buckle annexed the city into the rural fire district. The first time an Oregon city was annexed into a fire district.

  • 1975: Mike Hannan became the first paid fire chief.

  • 1987: Greg Winfrey was appointed Chief.

  • 1993: Jackson County awarded Ambulance Service District (ASA) #1 to the RRFD. Adding 200 square miles to the district and increased staffing to three paid personnel per shift. Two new ambulances where purchased; 7432 is still in service and 7433 was replaced in 2008.

  • 1994: New fire station built at 5474 N. River Road, Gold Hill?? 97525 Yes, a Gold Hill street address even though we're inside Rogue Rive City Limits.

  • 1995: Moved into new station

  • 2005: Chief Winfrey moves on and take a job a Fire District #3.

  • 2008: 7410 was purchased on a continued tax levy.

  • 2010: Tax levy renewed for another 5 years.

  • 2012: Chief Ramsey resigns.

  • 2013: James Stearns takes over as interim Chief for Rogue River Fire District #1.

  • 2014: Jim Price takes over as Chief for Rogue River Fire District #1.

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